Mounts for cameras and MBJ illuminations

The matching illumination mounts for MBJ lightings provide flexible and fast mechanical integration into your application. The combination mounts for camera and illumination allow the construction of very compact units without additional design effort.

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Mounting set for top- and ringlights, width 134mm

Suitable for:

  • DTL-0510, DTL-1010
  • SRL-12, HP SRL-12 (incl. Segmented SRL-12, RGWB SRL-12)
  • HDF-02, HDF-05,  HDF-07,  HDF-10
40 €

Mounting set for toplights, width 234mm

Suitable for:

  • DTL-1020, DTL-2020


44 €
Kamerahalter MBJ Imaging

Camera mount top- and ringlights, lens opening diameter 45mm

Suitable for: 

  • DTL-2020, DTL-2030
  • SRL-07


32 €
Kamerahalter von MBJ Imaging

Camera mount ringlights, lens opening diameter 80mm

Suitable for:

  • SRL-12 (incl. Segmented SRL-12, RGBW SRL-12)
  • HDF-05, HDF-07, HDF-10


44 €
Mounting Set Minispot

Mounting Set Minispot

Suitable for:

  • Minispot SSL-Series
  • Power Minispot PSL-Series


49 €

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