• Direct light emission with various diameters
  • Multi Color, segmented or angled Ringlights
  • SWIR in different wavelength
  • Extra bright light with direct light emission
  • Horizontal Ringlight: Side fired ring shaped lighting for darkfield applications
Ringlights MBJ Imaging
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Ringbeleuchtung MBJ
Funktionsgrafik Ringlicht
  • Direct light emission, slightly diffuse with accessories to change the radiation pattern
  • Designed to minimize harsh object shadows
  • Suitable for a wide variety of inspection tasks, round objects; flat, rather matte surfaces

Special Ringlights

Spezial Ringlichter IP67 geschützt
RGBW Segmented Ringlight
  • 4-segment ringlight: 4 individually controllable quarter segments
  • RGBW ringlight: red, green, blue and white as separate channels
  • Angled ringlight: 45° inward angle for examining surface structures

UV High Power Ringlights

UV High Power Ringlights
UV High Power Ringlights
  • Direct incident light with 45° beam angle
  • Inspection of the smallest details on surfaces, e.g. solder joints, cut surfaces
  • Use of fluorescent properties for print image inspection or differentiation of materials

SWIR Ringlights

SWIR Ringlicht
SWIR Ringlights
  • Direct incident light with 45° beam angle
  • Suitable for differentiation of materials based on non-visible optical properties, fluoroscopy of SI or plastics
  • Analysis of water content (e.g. pressure marks, condition of plants)

Horizontal Ringlight

Horizontales Ringlicht
Funktionsgrafik Horizontales Ringlicht
  • Diffuse, homogeneous, horizontal light emission
  • Darkfield illumination
  • Suitable for detection of surface defects, embossed or punched structures and edges, barcode inspection

High Power Ringlight

High Power Ringlicht
Funktionsgrafik High Power Ringlicht
  • Direct emitting, focused incident light
  • With camera opening
  • Suitable for round test objects, larger working distances, light-intensive test tasks