Controller CTR-52

Our CTR-52 controller now even easier and better!


What is new?


- Sequence mode: for e.g. Shape-from-Shading applications

- Voltage control for the flash mode

- Improved client software for even easier setup and saving of desired values


High Power barlight



The high-power barlights are optimized for maximum luminous efficacy.


Powerful LEDs are focused to an exit angle of 20° using optical lenses. This makes these illuminations particularly light-intensive.

MBJ Patternlight

NEW: MBJ Patternlight

With the new MBJ Patternlight the 3D analysis of objects is now very easy.

The Patternlight is also suitable as a positioning aid.


Create your individual pattern according to your requirements or use our standard patterns.

IP67 dusttight waterproof


Dust-tight and waterproof lighting


Our Bar-, Area- and Ringlights are now optionally available dust- and waterproof!


Precise and powerful

The new Minispot makes it easy to illuminate very small objects.

Also available as a power variant!


See the invisible!


- Differentiation of chemically different substances

- Transillumination of plastics

- Analysis of water content (e.g. pressure marks fruit, condition of plants)

Segmented Ringlight RGBW


The Segmented Ringlight for Shape-from-Shading applications and the RGBW Ringlight with real White LED for versatile applications.

News from MBJ Imaging


The new SWIR series belongs to the direct illuminators with a beam angle of approx. 45°.
The wide range of wavelengths from 1050 - 1550 nm allows a wide variety of inspection focal points to be set. The control diode in the light field indicates whether the illumination is in operation.

Due to the heat sink of the bar illumination, an optimal thermal management is ensured and thus the performance of the LED is maximized.

The SWIR series is suitable for:

  • Differentiation of chemically different materials
  • Transillumination of silicon or plastics
  • Analysis of water content (e.g. bruises on fruit, condition of plants)
SWIR Beleuchtungen
Minispot für Mikroskopanwendungen


The MBJ Minispot is particularly suitable for partial incident light applications with short working distances.

The light can be focused or unfocused via the objective. As standard, the Minispot is available in wide (6 mm objective) and narrow (16 mm objective) versions. The spot is compatible with common S-mount lenses. It is also available as a power version.



Dust-tight and waterproof lighting

Our Bar-, Area- and Ringlights are now optionally available dust-tight and waterproof!

The first digit "6" of IP 67 indicates that the device is dust-tight and fully protected against contact from the outside.

The second digit "7" indicates that the device is waterproof. To be very precise, the digit 7 stands for "temporary immersion." This means the device can be in a water depth of up to one meter for up to half an hour. Furthermore, the protection only exists in clear water.

IP67 Beleuchtung

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