• LED Controler with RSense Technologie

    Our CTR LED controller are an ideal asset for taking control over LED lighting. The RSense technology allows the automated settings of the max. current and a save flash operation for all MBJ illumination types. Shortest flash duration starting at a few µs are possible.

  • SDL DOME Light Series

    LED Dome in different LED colors and diameter. The illumination of the test objects is done by a light reflection on the inner sides of the dome. The resulting almost shadowless illumination is ideal for testing highly reflective surfaces.

  • SRL Ring Light Series

    Standard ring lights in different sizes and colors. Ring lights can be used to build compact inspection units. The built-in power source allows safe continuous light operation on 24V. For flash operation our CTR controllers are best suited.

MBJ Imaging News

The "all about automation" taking place this week was postponed at short notice

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[Translate to english:] AllAboutAutomation Messe 2020

MBJ Imaging GmbH starts exhibition year 2020 with the "all about automation" in Hamburg

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MBJ Imaging exhibits at the „all about automation“ in Leipzig, Germany

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Larger in Size – MBJ Imaging presents new LED-Dome lighting

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MBJ Imaging launches new 300mm diameter dome lighting

For homogeneous illumination of even larger objects, the SDL-Dom series has been extended by a new, larger dome. With an inner diameter of 300mm dome lights between 50mm and 300mm inner diameter are now available. The dome light can be operated in continuous 24V or camera-controlled flash. The standard colors are red and white. Other colors are also available.

The special shape of the dome allows a diffuse light incidence from all spatial directions, creating a homogeneous and shadow-free image is created. Therefore you will find special applications:

  • strongly reflecting objects (like lighting a CD)
  • arched objects (surface angles of up to +/- 45 degrees can be illuminated homogeneously)
  • verifying two-dimensional codes


New product line: the FLEX series

MBJ Imaging also presents a new product line at the VISION 2018: the FLEX series.

The illumination of this series can be freely selected in length according to customer application and requirements. With a starting length from 200mm going up to 2000mm in increments of 100mm this illumination eliminates the usually very time-consuming and at the same time expensive customization.

As the first models of the new series MBJ will present a focused bar light and a diffuse emitting 70mm wide back or top light.


Ring lights with focusing LED optics

MBJ Imaging updated the SRL-12 ring lights with 3 more opening angles: 20°, 30° and 40° degrees.

Today, "seeing robots" with their image processing systems are indispensable in automation. The image processing system with the camera and lighting is often integrated in the robot hand. Therefore, the LED lighting must be compact in its mechanical dimension and at the same time ensure optimal object illumination, even from greater distances.

MBJ Imaging has therefore expanded the SRL-12 ring lights to models with focusing LED optics. With high-power LEDs in different colors and LED optics for different beam angles, you can choose the optimal lighting for your application.



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