• incl. standard pattern, custom patterns possible
  • 3D analysis of objects; stereovision
  • Alignment/ positioning aid
Patternlight individuelles Pattern
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  • Pattern (standard pattern incl.; customized pattern possible)
    • one of three standard pattern is included in the retail price
    • the Patternlight will be delivered with mounted pattern
  • C-Mount lens (compatible with any C-Mount lens)

LED color for the Patternlight

white (WT)

red (RD)

infrared (IR)

We deliver within a maximum of 10 working days after the receipt of order*.

Cable connection

  • M12x1 - 5 Pin plug

LED Controller

  • Integrated controller (-s): 24 V continuous light, dimmed continuous light, switched continuous light (triggered) and flash mode.
  • Without LED controller (-x): Operation with external controller


  • Sturdy black anodized aluminum housing

CE Declaration of Confirmity

Click here to download the CE Declaration of Conformity for our LED-lighting series.

Illustration Patternlight

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  • Powerful LED
  • Suitable for 3D analysis of objects, stereovision or as alignment/positioning aid
  • Incl. 1 standard pattern (selection under accessories
  • Custom pattern possible (line width 150 µm)
  • Choice of 2 standard objectives (not included)
    • narrow (f= 50 mm)
    • wide (f= 12 mm)
  • Compatible with common C-mount lenses
from 390 €


Standard Pattern for Patternlight

Standard Pattern for Patternlight

Choice of 1 out of 3 standard pattern incl. for Patternlight

  • Cross
  • Fine Cross
  • Multi Lines
  • Fines Lines
  • Grid
  • Fine Grid

Suitable for:

incl for Patternlight
Objektive Patternlight MBJ

Lens for Patternlight

  • C-Mount
  • Sensor size 2/3"
  • 2 variants:
    • narrow: f = 50 mm, F2.6 (REF-No: 03796.xx)
    • wide: f = 12 mm, F1.6 (REF-No: 03797.xx)


Suitable for:

190 € per lens
M12, 5-pin connection cable, straight

M12, 5-pin connection cable, straight

Lenght:2 m, 5 m, 10 m and 15 m

Connector: M12x1, 5-pin female connector (4-pin wire), straight

from 21 €
Power supply

Power supply for -s lights

Desktop power supply for MBJ lights with internal -s controller with M8x1 output connector for steady light

  • input voltage:    230 VAC /  50 Hz
  • output voltage: 24 VDC / 2,5 A

Alternatively available with open cable ends for connection of lighting with cable controller.

65 €
Mounting Set Spotlight

Mounting Set Spotlight

Ref-No. 00541.xx

Suitable for:

  • High Power Spotlight SL-Series
  • Patternlight PL-Series
44 €