LED Controller

The internal LED controller (-s) included in the standard illuminations offers 4 modes of operation: continuous light, dimmed continuous light, switched light and strobe light.

When the internal controller reaches its limits MBJ Imaging offers external LED controllers with the possibility to:

  •     CTR-50: switch and dim LED currents up to 4A
  •     CTR-51: flash fast and precisely (from 1µs)
  •     CTR-52: control up to four independant LED channels with only one controller 
MBJ Imaging 3 Controller CTR-50, CTR-51, CTR-52
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Key Features

MBJ's LED controllers are the ideal accessories for external control of LED lighting. Our controllers are easy to mount on a DIN rail and connect with 24V. The setting is done directly on the controller or via RS232. Our 4-channel controller offers an Ethernet connection and a Modbus interface for communication.

MBJ Imaging 3 Controller CTR-50, CTR-51, CTR-52

CTR Series
LED Controller

For flash and continuous light with external control

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