LED Controller

LED controller from MBJ are the ideal accessories for external LED lighting control. Our controllers are easy to mount on a DIN rail and connect with 24V. Settings are done directly on the controller or via RS232. Our 4-channel controller offers an Ethernet connection with which it is possible to communicate via the Modbus protocol.


The 4 channel controller CTR-52 allows the individual control of to 4 LED lights.

MBJ Imaging 3 Controller CTR-50, CTR-51, CTR-52
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MBJ Imaging Controller CTR-50

CTR-50 LED-Controller

Switch and dim LED currents up to 4 A

The CTR-50 allows simple and precise current adjustments. The desired current is set manually via two rotary controls. Alternatively, the CTR-50 can be completely configured via a PC using the RS232 interface.

more information on CTR-50


Input:24 VDC
Output: 1 Channel for direct LED access LED(+), LED(-)
LED current:up to 4 A at 2.5 V ... 22.0 V LED voltage
Operation:Steady light, dimmable steady light and flash light from 500 µs
205 €
MBJ Imaging Controller CTR-51

CTR-51 LED-Controller

Fast and precise flashing (from 1 µs)

The CTR-51 allows very short flash and response times in the µs range. The current and operating mode or the flash time can be set via two rotary switches in the housing. The CTR-51 can be completely configured via a PC using the RS232 interface.

more information on CTR-51


Input:24 VDC
Output: 1 Channel for direct LED access LED(+), LED(-)
LED current:up to 30 A at 2.5 V ... 22.0 V LED voltage
Operation: Flash light from 5 µs puls duration
205 €
MBJ Imaging 4-channel controller CTR-52

CTR-52 LED-Controller

4-Channel Controller

The CTR-52 allows to control up to four LED channels via one controller. This controller is set up via Modbus. A Windows-based client supports the simple integration and programming of the controller and offers ready-made sequence modes for special applications such as Shape from Shading.

The LED controller also offers a current-controlled mode for continuous light, as well as voltage-controlled mode for short, precise and powerful flashes. The 4 channels can be controlled separately or coupled.

more information on CTR-52

Software client documentation

For the installation of the CTR-52 Watch video


Input:24 VDC
Output: 4 Channel with direct LED access LED(+), LED(-)
LED current:up to 21 A
Operation: Current-controlled continuous light / voltage controlled flash light from 10µs pulse duration
480 €

Controller with 4 operating modes (-s)

Produktportfolio von MBJ Imaging

Integrated controller (-s)

All MBJ standard lights are available with integrated 4-mode controller - one of the most popular and customer appreciated features in our portfolio.

What does "integrated" mean?
The -s controller is installed directly in the housing to save space and enables slim installation dimensions of the lighting. Commissioning via plug'n'play is quick and easy, and with no less than four operating modes, the -s Controller is a real all-rounder.

Know-How about the integrated controller

Operating modes:

  • Steady light
  • Brightness-controlled continuous light
  • Switched continuous light (triggered)
  • Flash mode

Cable controller (-s)

The popular -s controller also as a cable-integrated variant, e.g. to retrofit standard lighting without an internal controller (-x).

Know-How cable controller

  • 4 operating modes: 24 V steady light, PWM brightness control, triggered steady light or flashed light
  • M8 4-pin or M12 4-pin female connector to light
  • Approx. 0.5 m cable, controller housing, 1.5 m cable with open wire
  • Cable controller version as: 150 mA, 250 mA, 300 mA, 450 mA, 600 mA, 750 mA, 900 mA, 1200 mA, 1500 mA
95 €


Power supply for the CTR

Power supply for CTR series

External plug-in power supply for connecting the MBJ CTR series

  • input voltage:    230 VAC /  50 Hz
  • output voltage: 24 VDC / 5 A
145 €
Adapter cabel USB

RS232-USB Adapter Cable for CTR-50/51 control

Quick and easy set-up of CTR-50/51

The adapter cable makes it easier to set up the CTR-50 and CTR-51 controller series via RS-232.
Simply connect the three open cable ends to the RS-232 port of the controller. The USB-to-RS232 converter is then plugged into the USB port of the computer - the controller can now be adapted to your requirements using serial communication software (e.g. HTerm).

  •     USB 2.0 Type-A plug
  •     Serial RS-232 with open cable ends (3 pin)
  •     1m length

Connection note:

Wire colorPinFunction
GreenPin 7GND RS-232
WhitePin 8RxD RS-232
RedPin 9TxD RS-232
39 €

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