LED Accessories

With our accessories we offer many possibilities to integrate the MBJ illuminations easily and quickly into an inspection system. The different light and camera holders ensure the easy and compact mounting of the light, suitable for the respective illumination type.

The matching cables ensure quick connection in the system and our optical filters and the filter holders provide light manipulation when needed: via diffusers, gray filters, polarizing filters and collimators. Practical is that in each lighting the appropriate holes for the filter holder are already present.

MBJ Imaging Product Overview
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Connection Cable & Power Supply

Illustration of an electrical plug

MBJ connection cable in various:

  • Lengths
  • Plugs
  • Angles

Optical filters and matching filter holder

Folienthalter Barlight
illumination charcteristic of a light

For easy optical manipulation of MBJ lights.

  • Diffusor foils

  • Line diffusor

  • Collimators

  • Polarizer foils

Optical Accessories Patternlight

Optical Accessories Patternlight
Optical Accessories Patternlight

Matching optical accessories for MBJ Patternlight

  • Standard patterns - selection from predefined projection patterns

  • Customized patterns - created according to your specifications

  • Lenses - Versatile, C-mount

Mounts for LED illuminations and cameras


Holder for cameras and MBJ illuminators.

  • Flexible and fast mechanical integration in your application