Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)

The SWIR series is available as bar- and ringlights in different sizes and wavelengths from 1050 nm to 1650 nm, for different inspections such as:  

  • Differentiation of different materials
  • Transillumination of e.g. silicon or plastics
  • Analysis of water content in organic materials, e.g. pressure marks on fruit



SWIR Balkenbeleuchtung High Power
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Available dimensions

Barlight MBL-Power+

  • 100 mm, 200 mm und 300 mm length
  • 17 mm light field width

Wide Barlight WBL-Power+

  • 100 mm und 200 mm length
  • 45 mm light field width

Ringlights SRL-Power+

  • 100 mm und 120 mm diameter of luminous area


  • 1050 nm, 1200 nm, 1300 nm, 1450 nm, 1550 nm, 1650 nm
  • Beam angle 45° (please contact us for more options)

Cable connection

  • M12x1 - 5 Pin plug

LED Controller types

  • Internal Controller (-s): for 24 V steady light, dimmable steady light, triggered steady light or flash light
  • Without LED controller (-x): Operation with external controller


  • Sturdy black anodized aluminum housing with optimized heat sink

CE Declaration of Confirmity

Click here to download the CE Declaration of Conformity for our LED-lighting series.

SWIR short infrared

Our Products

Know-How and sample applications for SWIR

Our SWIR series features high power LED and optimized thermal management for high performance.

All lighting types and sizes are available in 1050 nm, 1200 nm, 1350 nm, 1450 nm, 1550 nm and 1650 nm wavelength as standard - please contact us for other wavelengths or beam angles.

SWIR wavelengths are not visible - a control diode in the luminous field indicates whether the luminaire is in operation.

SWIR Balken Medium

MBL-0210 Power+

  • Light field: 17 x 100 mm
from 490 €
SWIR Balken Medium MBJ

MBL-0220 Power+

  • Light field: 17 x 200 mm
from 840 €
SWIR Balkenbeleuchtung schmal

MBL-0230 Power+

  • Light field: 17 x 300 mm
from 1.190 €
SWIR Balkenbeleuchtung Medium

WBL-0410 Power+

  • Light field: 45 x 100 mm
from 1.190 €
SWIR Wide Barlight

WBL-0420 Power+

  • Light field: 45 x 200 mm
from 2.190 €
SWIR Ringlicht MBJ Imaging

SRL-10 Power+

  • Light field: 101 mm OD
from 1.280 €
SWIR Ringlicht

SRL-12 Power+

  • Light field: 121 mm OD
from 1.590 €


M12, 5-pin connection cable, straight

M12, 5-pin connection cable, straight

Lenght:2 m, 5 m, 10 m and 15 m

Connector: M12x1, 5-pin female connector (4-pin wire), straight

from 21 €
Power supply

Power supply for -s lights

Desktop power supply for MBJ lights with internal -s controller with M8x1 output connector for steady light

  • input voltage:    230 VAC /  50 Hz
  • output voltage: 24 VDC / 2,5 A

Alternatively available with open cable ends for connection of lighting with cable controller.

65 €

Pricing information for the standard product, any VAT not included, sales to b2b customer only.

Click here to download the CE Declaration of Conformity for our LED-lighting series.