Short Wave Infrared

The new SWIR series belongs to the direct illuminators with a beam angle of approx. 45°.
The wide range of wavelengths from 1050 - 1550 nm allows a wide variety of inspection focal points to be set. The control diode in the light field indicates whether the illumination is in operation.

Due to the heat sink of the bar illumination, an optimal thermal management is ensured and thus the performance of the LED is maximized.

The SWIR series is suitable for:

  • Differentiation of chemically different materials
  • Transillumination of silicon or plastics
  • Analysis of water content (e.g. bruises on fruit, condition of plants)

Imaging with SWIR

Imaging with SWIR wavelengths is similar to imaging with visible light. Photons are reflected or absorbed by an object, producing high-contrast images that can be used for many inspection applications.

To note:

  • These are not thermal images
  • SWIR series is not hyperspectral illumination
  • VIS block filter can improve image results

Not all materials react to SWIR wavelengths, we will be happy to advise you on this!

Assessment of moisture content

At 1400 - 1550 nm, water absorbs the light rays and appears black - ideal for detecting pressure marks on fruit & vegetables, for example, or for determining the moisture content of plants (Agriculture).


Differentiation of chemically different substances

Sorting or detection of impurities via detection of chemical composition e.g. protein structures.

Inspection through layers

In the SWIR range up to approx. 1600 nm, many plastics transmit the light beams - packaging can be transilluminated and the contents examined.