Flexible barlights: design your own!

Design your own lighting.

The Flexlight Bar is arguably our most variable lighting. In addition to the many application possibilities and lighting angles that the use of a barlight allows, the Flex barlight can be easily customized to fit your application.

Scale the length of the bar in steps of 100 mm up to a maximum of 1600 mm.

In addition, the beam pattern can be adjusted using additional optical foils or lenses. The bar can thus be used as a simple line light, diffuse, polarized or collimated.

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MBJ Imaging Flex Barlight
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Available dimensions

  • Flexlight Bar: Width 15 mm x length from 100 mm up to 1600 mm luminous area

LED colors

white (WT)

red (RD)

infrared (IR)

For other colors please contact our sales team.

Cable connection

  • Flexlight Bar: M12x1 - 4Pin plug

LED Controller types

  • The Flex series is powered by an external controller, well suited are the MBJ controller


  • sturdy black anodized aluminum housing

CE Declaration of Confirmity

Click here to download the CE Declaration of Conformity for our LED-lighting series.

Flex Barlight size options

Your configuration options

Balkenbeleuchtung Flex Serie

Lenght of the light

The Flexlight Bar can be ordered from a luminous area of 100 mm. In 100 mm steps you can adjust the length to your needs up to 1600 mm.

As standard, 3 LED wavelengths (white, red, infrared) are available. Other colors are available on request.

You need intermediate or larger sizes? Please contact us.

Flex Bar Folie

Standard light characteristic

The Flexlight Bar has a direct light emission and is equipped with a clear cover glass as standard.

  • Direct light emission without diffuser
  • Approx. 40° beam angle


The beam characteristics can be changed via the insertion of foil and/or optics.

Flex Barlight Filterfolie Diffusor


For the Flexlight Bar you have the choice between two diffuser optics.

1. Circular diffuser foil

  • High degree of diffusion with approx. 90° beam angle
  • High light output

2. Slightly diffuse cover plate

  • Slightly diffuse for light masking of the LED
  • High transmittance

With the combination of diffuser foil an diffuse cover plate, the barlight is suitable for backlight applications.


Simple line beam

Collection of light by means of a semicircular rod.

  • Beam angle of approx. 6°
  • Suitable for simple line application
Grafik Flex Bar Folie


Linear control film for applications requiring light collimation in one axis.

  • Direction of light almost without loss of brightness
  • Beam angle approx. 9°
Filter Flexlight Bar


Polarizer film with a high transmission and polarization of 400-700 nm.

  • Reduction of reflection effects by blocking the light waves in the transverse direction.
  • For complete avoidance of reflections a second film in front of the camera lens is recommended
MBJ Barlight

Configuration example

Flexlight Bar with direct light emission without optical light manipulation and a luminous area of 15 mm x 300 mm.

The specification contains an exampe of the suitable configuration about the connection with the MBJ controller CTR-50 for the continuous light operation.

Each Flexlight is individual and will be manufactured only for you. Reorders can be made easily via your own article number.

from 255 €


MBJ Imaging Controller CTR-50

CTR-50 LED-Controller

Switch and dim LED currents up to 4 A

The CTR-50 allows simple and precise current adjustments. The desired current is set manually via two rotary controls. Alternatively, the CTR-50 can be completely configured via a PC using the RS232 interface.

more information on CTR-50


Input:24 VDC
Output: 1 Channel for direct LED access LED(+), LED(-)
LED current:up to 4 A at 2.5 V ... 22.0 V LED voltage
Operation:Steady light, dimmable steady light and flash light from 500 µs
205 €
MBJ Imaging Controller CTR-51

CTR-51 LED-Controller

Fast and precise flashing (from 1 µs)

The CTR-51 allows very short flash and response times in the µs range. The current and operating mode or the flash time can be set via two rotary switches in the housing. The CTR-51 can be completely configured via a PC using the RS232 interface.

more information on CTR-51


Input:24 VDC
Output: 1 Channel for direct LED access LED(+), LED(-)
LED current:up to 30 A at 2.5 V ... 22.0 V LED voltage
Operation: Flash light from 5 µs puls duration
205 €

Cable controller (-s)

The popular -s controller also as a cable-integrated variant, e.g. to retrofit standard lighting without an internal controller (-x).

Know-How cable controller

  • 4 operating modes: 24 V steady light, PWM brightness control, triggered steady light or flashed light
  • M8 4-pin or M12 4-pin female connector to light
  • Approx. 0.5 m cable, controller housing, 1.5 m cable with open wire
  • Cable controller version as: 150 mA, 250 mA, 300 mA, 450 mA, 600 mA, 750 mA, 900 mA, 1200 mA, 1500 mA
95 €

Pricing information for the standard product, any VAT not included, sales to b2b customer only.