SWIR – See the invisible!

NEW - SWIR illuminations from MBJ Imaging. Very powerful with low heat generation thanks to LED technology. Available in many SWIR wavelengths.

The extended possibilities to inspect with SWIR wavelengths are becoming suitable for mass production due to new sensor technologies and cameras - but for this technology one also needs the right lighting.

Good news for machine vision experts: MBJ Imaging is now launching a powerful LED series with SWIR wavelengths. With the advantages of LED technology, over for example halogen lighting, the heat-sensitive SWIR cameras can be used efficiently.

"Imaging starts with light" - Good illumination is the basis of any powerful image processing and so, true to our motto, the SWIR series has also been developed with the best possible inspection results in mind:

The SWIR series is available as bar- and ringlight illumination in different sizes based on the popular and well-known WBL barlights and SRL ringlights with additional heat sink for improved thermal management. A new addition is the MBL series which, as a narrow barlight, provides an attractively priced entry into SWIR.

MBJ offers a wide range of wavelengths from 1050-1650 nm to meet a wide variety of inspection needs. The illuminations focus light with a 45° beam angle and are powerful, providing the basis for potent inspection. The optimized thermal management of the SWIR series minimizes heat influence on the camera and thus noise in the image. Optional accessories such as diffusers allow adjustments to meet individual requirements.

The SWIR series are equipped with the integrated standard -s controller, which is designed for an operating voltage of 24V. This allows the illumination to be operated via plug'n'play in 4 operating modes (continuous light, dimmed, triggered and in flash mode with double brightness).

MBJ Imaging's goal is to provide industrial, high quality illumination at a low cost. This is also true for SWIR wavelengths allowing an affordable entry into new machine vision applications. Development, manufacturing and distribution all "Made in Germany”.

What can the new SWIR series do?

  • Moisture content assessment
    • At 1400-1550 nm, water absorbs the light beams and appears black - ideal for detecting pressure marks on fruit & vegetables or determining the moisture content of plants, for example.
  • Sorting tasks
    • Sorting or detection of impurities via detection of chemical composition e.g. protein structures or different plastics.
  • Transmission illumination of opaque materials such as plastics or silicon
    • In the SWIR range up to approx. 1600 nm, many plastics transmit the light beams - packaging can be illuminated in transmission and the contents examined non-destructively and without radiation.

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