NEW: SWIR, Special Ringlights and Minispots

At Control in Stuttgart, MBJ Imaging introduced its versatile new products. Users can now cover even more inspection tasks with the attractively priced illuminators for machine vision.

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See the invisible with SWIR wavelengths!
The new SWIR lights attracted particular interest. Take advantage of the novel capabilities of cameras sensitive in the short-wave infrared range with SWIR lights taking advantage of all the benefits of state-of-the-art LED technology.MBJ's new SWIR series is particularly powerful and available in different wavelengths between 1050nm and 1650nm. The choice of bar- or ringlight illumination in several sizes supports a wide range of inspection requirements and illumination situations.

Special ring lights for special inspection tasks!
The luminous area of the segmented ringlight is divided into 4 individually controllable elements, which can also be combined in groups. This allows e.g. shape-from-shading applications or targeted illumination of 3D surface structures. By combining different colors, different object properties can be inspected.
With the RGBW ringlight, countless colors can be created according to additive color theory. A special feature is the dedicated white LED channel, which enables balanced white light illumination. Thus, the testing of colored objects can be adjusted very precisely but also very flexibly.
The new, inward-angled ringlight also illuminates recesses without shadows and can also be used at short working distances.

Precise and powerful - the Minispot
The Minispot is characterized by powerful LEDs and small installation dimensions. This makes it particularly suitable for partial incident light applications with short working distances and little installation space, as is often found in microscope applications. The smallest details can be illuminated with pinpoint accuracy. The Minispot is also available in a power version for particularly bright illumination.

Dust and waterproof with IP67
Many image processing tasks are found in production environments that place special demands on the inspection system. There it can be very dusty and dirty or, if we think of the food or pharmaceutical industry, work is carried out under special hygiene requirements and the components must be easy to clean. This requires the lighting and systems to be dust and waterproof.
As of now, many direct-radiating illuminators are available with the IP67 classification standard.

Would you like to see the new products for yourself? Visit us at Automatica in Munich, booth B5.506.

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