Precise and powerful - the new MBJ Minispot

NEW - The MBJ Minispot makes it easy to illuminate very small objects.

MBJ Minispot in front of a microscope

The MBJ Minispot is characterized by exceptionally powerful LEDs and small installation dimensions. This makes it particularly suitable for partial incident light applications with short working distances and little installation space, as is often found in microscope applications.

The smallest details can be illuminated with pinpoint accuracy. The light distribution can be controlled and adjusted via interchangeable S-mount objectives. The light can be used focused or diffused to suit the inspection task. As standard, the Minispot is available in wide (6 mm lens) and narrow (16 mm lens) versions. The luminous area has a diameter of 7 mm.

For applications with a high light requirement, the Minispot is available as a power version (PSL series). This provides approx. 70% more brightness compared to the standard version. Currently the Minispot is available in white, 6020K.

The popular integrated LED controller with 4 operating modes for easy commissioning has been moved into the cable. This allows the lighting to be operated with 24V via Plug'n'Play in the 4 following operation modes: Continuous light, dimmed continuous light, switched continuous light (triggered) and in flash mode with double brightness. In the standard version of the Minspot (SSL series), special attention was paid to small installation dimensions for the cable controller. Of course, this MBJ lighting is also available without an integrated controller and can be controlled externally.

Use the specially designed holder to precisely align the spot and ensure a good thermal connection.

You can find more about our Minispots here: MBJ Minispots.

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