MBJ Imaging presents the new FLEX series

Illumination in the length of your choice

In addition to the flexible LED control concept, MBJ Imaging also presents a new product line: the FLEX series.

The illumination of this series can be freely selected in length according to customer requirements, with a length from 200mm up to 2000mm in increments of 100mm. This eliminates the usually very time-consuming and at the same time expensive customization. As the first models of the new series MBJ will present a focused bar light and a diffuse emitting 70mm back or top light at the VISION 2018.

The tried-and-tested CTR-50 1-channel LED controller has been revised in time for the VISION. By using a new regulator the maximum current in steady light could be increased to 4A and to 5A for the flash. Due to the improved efficiency passive cooling is now used.

Also for the VISION the cost-effective JustBright series gets a new LED controller that significantly reduces the trigger latency time for the flash, eliminates the PWM in continuous light and increases the resolution of the analog PWM dimming to 8bit.


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