JustBright LED lighting series for cost-saving applications


LED lightings for machine vision thought of differently…

The JustBright lighting series has consequently been designed in order to save costs. The 2mm aluminum LED circuit board also functions as base plate and heat sink thus ensuring an optimal heat distribution. The case is 3D printed and therefore can easily adapted to customized product designs.

However, the features of the JustBright series leave nothing to be desired. An innovative LED controller is already built in. The LEDs are operated for the first 20ms after the trigger in the so called flash mode with up to 4-times higher current which is then automatically reduced to the brightness level for the continuous mode. Via the 0-10V analogue interface the lighting can be easily dimmed using the PWM technology. Of course the inputs are short circuit protected and due to a build-in temperature switch overheating is impossible. The products of the JustBright series are available at different sizes as top lights, back lights as well as ring and bar lights.


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