High quality at fair prices

Quality Made in Germany

MBJ Imaging has set itself the goal of manufacturing industrial-quality LED lighting at cost-effective prices.

Everything is Made in Germany: from the idea, concept and design to production, final inspection and distribution - everything takes place here in Ahrensburg, just outside Hamburg.

Several decades of industry experience of our engineers ensure that our lighting systems follow a well thought-out modular concept, which is precisely tailored to the requirements in the machine vision industry.

The illumination is a core component in machine vision and one of the decisive factors for the performance of an inspection unit. A sophisticated range of standard illuminators and the possibility of customising illuminators with the Flex series facilitate integration and maximise the performance of your inspection system.

Fertigung in Ahrensburg
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MBJ is ISO certified

MBJ Imaging manufactures high-quality industrial LED-lighting for machine vision systems and sells them to customers worldwide. Not only our customers but also we have high demands on ourselves and our products.

We constantly strive for the continuous improvement of our products and processes. We ensure that we keep this promise to ourselves and our customers through our quality management, which is ISO 9001 certified. 

Thought and made for machine vision applications

A well thought-out lighting concept ensures the highest image quality and saves costs. Missing image information cannot be generated retrospectively. Well-lit objects provide the best basis for automated evaluation and reduce the error rate. This saves money longterm.

Therefore, it is important to consider lighting from the very beginning of the planning process - and, of course, that the lighting is suitable for use in production environments. MBJ Imaging supplies LED lighting in industrial grade quality. For us, this means above all: reliability, integrability and durability.

And we go to great lengths to ensure this: our components are designed to ensure performance and longevity in a slim product design:

  • Mechanical integration: threaded holes, camera and wall brackets for easy mounting ensure uncomplicated installation.
  • Electrical integrability: MBJ products are equipped for the industry - with the usual M8 or M12 connections and the 24VDC power supply widely used in the industry.
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Kamera und Beleuchtung in der Inspektion
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Long life time

LED lighting has a very long service life. The decisive factor here is, above all, the thermal management.

We use milled housings made of anodised solid aluminium. Anodising forms a long-lasting and corrosion-resistant surface layer that, unlike paint or powder coating, cannot flake off. The full-body aluminium ensures the best possible heat dissipation, which supports the service life and consistent lighting quality.

For the LEDs, we use so-called SMD LEDs (surface mounted device LEDs). A major advantage of these LEDs is that their design, with a flat connection to the PCB, ensures good heat management. We only use quality LEDs from renowned manufacturers.

Thanks to our integrated electronics, the LEDs always work at an optimal operating point.