IP67 staubdicht wasserdicht

What means IP?

The abbreviation IP stands for "International Protection." The IP protection types are derived from this, for which there are various German and international standards.

The IP standards not only indicate whether the respective devices are protected against water (second digit) - rather, the protection against dust and contact (first digit) can also be derived from them.

The higher the digit, the more tightly the device is constructed. In Germany, the IP standard 67 is regulated by the DIN EN 60529 standard.



The first digit "6" of IP 67 indicates that the device is dust-tight and fully protected against external contact.

The second digit "7" indicates the water resistance of the devices. To be very precise, the digit 7 stands for "temporary immersion." This means the device can be in a water depth of up to one meter for up to half an hour. Furthermore, the protection only exists in clear water.


IP protection classes

In total, there are many different IP protection classes, which are composed of two code numbers.
The combination of these two code numbers finally results in the respective IP protection class for a luminaire or lamp.

You can see the different protection classes in the table opposite,