MBJ expands product portfolio for electroluminescence inspection equipment

MBJ Solutions GmbH expands its product portfolio for electroluminescence inspection equipment. With the new SolarModule EL-flasher HR and SolarModule EL-quickline HR there are two more products for module testing available. With the SolarModule EL-flasher HR MBJ offers for the first time a high resolution EL inspection system for integration into existing sun simulators. This solution was already successfully integrated into sun simulators from Berger and Pasan. It is particularly suitable for the use in the laboratory because handling effort of the modules is decreased to a minimum due to the combined measurement of IV-curve and EL in one unit.

“Another exciting development is our SolarModule EL-quickline HR. In this product we have combined the speed of the quickline series with the high resolution of the EL-inline family. With this system we can capture EL-images of a 6x12 solar panel with a resolution of 180µm per pixel within 6 seconds, including fully automatic defect detection,” explains Dr. Michael Fuß, CEO of MBJ Solutions GmbH. For the customer this leads to a cycle time of 20 seconds and allows the integration of additional testing procedures.

Furthermore MBJ can offer various new options. Beside known options like barcode reader, automatic 2D cell measurement and software for the repair area now new options for testing the bypass diodes, a hipot test and the detection of hotspots can be integrated into the EL inspection systems from MBJ.

Also new is an optimized and improved defect detection Software.

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