JustBright: Cost efficient LED lighting

The JustBright LED lighting series is consistently designed for the lowest cost and sufficient for many transmitted and reflected light applications.

The aluminium base plate is ground and cooling plate in one. The housing is made by 3D printing which allows great freedoms for custom-made designs.

All JustBright lightings are controlled by the integrated LED controller (-s) with 4 operating modes: continuous, dimmed continuous light, switched light and flash light. A standard M8 connector ensures easy connection.

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Key Features

All MBJ lightings are designed for the use in the automation industry: The LED's of the Just Bright series are housed in a sturdy black 3D printed casing with an aluminum base plate. Just Bright lightings are available in many shapes and sizes.

LED colors:  White, red and infrared we delivery within 14 days. For green, blue and yellow please contact our sales team for the delevery time
LED Controller: Internal Controller (-s): for 24V steady light, dimmable steady light, triggered steady light or flash light
Electrical connection:  M8x1 - 4Pin plug

You require a custom lighting with other dimensions or LED colors? No problem, please contact our sales department for a detailed discussion.

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Connecting cables

Connection cable with M8 or M12 plug and open end in different variants.

Pricing information for the standard product, any VAT not included, sales to b2b customer only.