Flexible Toplights

Design your own lighting according to your specifications.

The Flex series of toplights offer a wide range of customization options to adapt the lights to your needs.

The Flexlight Top is an indirect, diffused reflected light. The size can be scaled in steps of 100 mm in width and length up to a maximum size of 800 mm x 1000 mm. You have the choice of 3 different hole diameters and can freely determine their position as well as the number of camera openings. Of course, you also have a choice of different LED wavelengths with the Flex Series.

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MBJ Imaging Flex Toplight
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Available dimensions

  • Flexlight Top: from 300 mm x 300 mm to a maximum of 800 mm x 1000 mm light field

LED colors

white (WT)

red (RD)

infrared (IR)

For other colors please contact our sales team.

Cable connection

  • Flex toplight: cable with open end

LED Controller types

  • The Flex series is powered by an external controller, well suited are the MBJ controller


  • Sturdy black anodized aluminum housing

CE Declaration of Confirmity

Click here to download the CE Declaration of Conformity for our LED-lightiing series.

Illustration of the sizes in a Flex illumination

Your configuration options

Flex Toplight size options

Size of the light

The length and width of the Flexlight Top can be freely designed in 100 mm steps. The maximum size of the luminous area is 800 mm x 1000 mm.

Furthermore, the position and number of cable outlets can be determined to suit the application.

You need an intermediate size? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flexlight Top number camera opening

Number of camera openings

Depending on the application, it may be helpful or necessary to integrate more than one lens holes.

With the Flexlight Top, you can include as many camera openings in the illumination as your application requires.

Grafik Auflichtbeleuchtung Lochgröße

Size of camera opening

There are three different diameters for camera openings to choose from. You can also combine different sizes if you have several openings.

The specifications describe the inner diameter (ID) of the opening:

    Ø 36mm
    Ø 45mm
    Ø 60mm

Illustration Flex Serie Größenkonfiguration

Position of the camera opening

Like the number and size of the camera opening, their position is configurable and determined by you.

The position of the individual openings can be determined to the milimeter on the y and x axis.

Flexlight Top configuration example

Configuration example

Flexlight Top with indirect, highly diffuse light emission in the size 400 mm x 600 mm. 1 camera hole with the diameter of 45 mm was chosen and positioned centrally in the lighting.

The toplight is connected via 2 cable outputs. The data sheet contains an example of the suitable configuration via connection with the MBJ controller CTR-50 for continuous light operation.

Each Flexlight is individual and will be manufactured only for you. Reorders can be made uncomplicated via an own article number.


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