Flexible back and bar illumination

Design your own lighting. Our flexible bar and flexible diffuse back lights meet the length requirements of your application. The illuminations can be scaled in increments of 100mm, up to 1.6 meters in length. The back light can be scaled in both directions: width and length.

The revision of the design concept of the Flex Series is almost complete: it will be even more flexible, robust and easy to use. Are you interested in the Flex Series? Information are already available, feel free to contact us now.

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Our Products

DBL Flex Series

Flexible back lighting

Light field: variable in width and length up to 1600mm

from €

SBL Flex Series

Flexible bar lighting

Light field: Width 15mm x flex length from 300mm to 1600mm

from €


Connecting cables

Connection cable with M8 or M12 plug and open end in different variants.

Pricing information for the standard product, any VAT not included, sales to b2b customer only.