Bar lighting

Narrow bar lights can be used in a variety of ways. In brightfield nearly any beam angle can be realized, and with flat beam angles darkfield applications are possible. They are also suitable for simple line scan camera applications as line lights.

NEW: Filter holder and matching optical foils

Change the light distribution of your bar light to meet the requirements of your application. With the external foil holder and matching foils like diffusers, elliptical diffuser, line collimators and polarization foils we make light manipulation really easy. For more information have a look at our accessories.

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Key Features

All MBJ lightings are designed for the use in the automation industry: The LED's are located in a sturdy black anodized aluminum housing. The bar lights are available in standard dimensions of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 500mm. The light field width is 10mm.

LED colors:  White, red and infrared we delivery within 14 days. For green, blue and yellow please contact our sales team for the delevery time.
LED Controller: Internal Controller (-s): for 24V steady light, dimmable steady light, triggered steady light or flash light, Controller (-x): no controller for external LED control.
Electrical connection:  M8x1 - 4Pin plug.

April promotion: Special price for a SBL-0110 in red or green as set with accessories.

For special light dimensions and simple line scan camera illumination have a look at our Flex Series >. With the Flex-Series you can freely select the lengths and width in steps of 100mm. You require a custom lighting with other dimensions or LED colors? No problem, please contact our sales department for a detailed discussion.

Our Products

The lighting size you need is not in the list?
Look also under the FlexBar-Series for suitable sizes. The FlexBar-Series offers freely selectable lengths in 100mm steps.


Connecting cables

Connection cable with M8 or M12 plug and open end in different variants.

Pricing information for the standard product, any VAT not included, sales to b2b customer only.