LED Illuminations

All MBJ Imaging LED illuminations are available in a wide range of types, sizes and LED colors. Our portfolio offers a wealth of application possibilities, whether in brightfield or darkfield, at small or large object distances, and all this in very good quality and at attractive prices.

The internal LED controller (-s) included in the standard versions offers 4 operating modes: continuous light, dimmed continuous light, switched light and flash light.

With the Flex illuminations you have the possibility to choose your illumination to match your application in size and color.

MBJ Imaging Product Overview
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LED Lighting - Standard

A trade mark of our standard lights (LED colors white, red and infrared) is the very short delivery time of only two weeks. All our standard lights are delivered with the integrated LED controller (-s) with four operating modes in one or without a controller (-x). Outside the standard product series we offer special sizes and the Flex series, which is variable in length.

DBL Serie<br> Back lighting panels

DBL Serie
Back lighting panels

Suitable for inspection and measurement of object contours

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DTL-Series<br>Top lighting panels

Top lighting panels

Diffuse incident lighting with camera lens through hole for bright field

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MBJ Imaging SRL Series Ringlights

Ring lighting

Incident light emission with various diameters

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MBJ Imaging SBL Barlights small

Bar lighting

Bars with direct light emission for various usage

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MBJ Imaging Wide Bar Lighting

Wide Bar lighting

For larger objects and homogeneous illumination

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HDF-Series <br>Dark field lighting

Dark field lighting

Side fired ring shaped lighting for dark field usage

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COX-Series <br>Coaxial lighting

Coaxial lighting

In various sizes and colors

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JB-Series <br>Just Bright

Just Bright

The new budget priced illumination series

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SDL-Series <br>Dome Lighting

Dome Lighting

For shadowless illumination of strong reflective objects

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LED Lighting - Flexible

You choose the size of your lighting according to the requirements you need for your project. The Flex series offers backlights, top lights with one or more openings for the camera and bar lights. The size is configurable in steps of 100mm.

[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging Flex Series

FLEX Series
Flexible length

Illumination to match your application

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LED Lighting - High Power

For light-intensive applications or when the illumination can only be mounted at a greater distance from the test object. In these illuminations, high-power LEDs are used whose beam angle is focused to 20° via additional lenses. The High Power illuminatoions are also supplied with the integrated LED controller (-s) with four operating modes in one controller, or completely without controller (-x).

[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging High Power Wide Bar Lighting

High Power WBL-Series
Wide bars

Extra light for large objects

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[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging High Power Ring Licht

High Power SRL-Series
Ring lighting

Extra bright incident light with lens aperture

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[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging High Power Spotbeleuchtung

High Power SL-Serie
Spot lighting

Put the light at an extra distance

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