LED Illuminations

All MBJ Imaging LED illuminations are available in a wide range of types, sizes and LED colors. Our portfolio offers a wealth of application possibilities, whether in brightfield or darkfield, at small or large object distances, and all this in very good quality and at attractive prices.

The internal LED controller (-s) included in the standard versions offers 4 operating modes: continuous light, dimmed continuous light, switched light and flash light.

With the Flex illuminations you have the possibility to design your illumination to match your application in size, light characteristic and color.

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LED Lighting - Standard

Die A trade mark of our standard lights (LED colors white, red and infrared) is the short delivery time of four weeks. All our standard lights are delivered with the integrated LED controller (-s) with four operating modes in one or without a controller (-x). Outside the standard product series we offer special sizes and the Flex-Serie, which is variable in length.


Illustration of the function of a Backlight
  • Indirect light emission
  • Highly diffuse, homogeneous radiation
  • Suitable for inspection and measurement of object outlines, position control, presence check


Funktionsgrafik zu einem Toplight
  • Indirect light emission
  • Highly diffuse, homogeneous illumination
  • Suitable for a wide range of measuring and inspection tasks, presence checking, low reflective to matt surfaces


Funktionsgrafik Ringlicht
  • Direct light emission, slightly diffuse with accessories to change the radiation pattern
  • Designed to minimize harsh object shadows
  • Suitable for a wide variety of inspection tasks, round objects; flat, rather matte surfaces


Funktionsgrafik Barlight
  • Direct light emission at an approx. 100° angle
  • Versatile accessories for adjusting the lighting characteristics
  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of illumination angles, almost all inspection tasks, combination of multiple lights

Wide Barlight

Wide Barlight
Funktionsgrafik Breite Balken
  • Direct light emission with approx. 100°.
  • Versatile accessories for adjusting the lighting characteristics
  • Suitable for larger objects, wide-area illumination, diverse inspection tasks and illumination angles


Funktionsgrafik Flächenbeleuchtung
  • Direct light emission with approx. 100°.
  • Versatile accessories for adjusting the lighting characteristics
  • Suitable for larger objects, wide-area illumination, diverse inspection tasks and illumination angles

Horizontal Ringlight

Horizontales Ringlicht
Funktionsgrafik Horizontales Ringlicht
  • Diffuse, homogeneous, horizontal light emission
  • Darkfield illumination
  • Suitable for detection of surface defects, embossed or punched structures and edges, barcode inspection

Special Ringlights

Special Ringlights
RGBW Segmented Ringlight
  • 4-segment ringlight: 4 individually controllable quarter segments
  • RGBW ringlight: red, green, blue and white as separate channels
  • Angled ringlight: 45° inward angle for examining surface structures


  • Direct incident light with 45° beam angle
  • Suitable for differentiation of materials based on non-visible optical properties, fluoroscopy of SI or plastics
  • Analysis of water content (e.g. pressure marks, condition of plants)


Mini Spotlight for small objects
  • Direct toplight

  • Illumination of (very) small objects with rather short working distances

  • Light can be focused via objective or homogeneously out of focus


Funktionsgrafik Koaxialbeleuchtung
  • Diffuse, reflection-free illumination
  • Illumination in camera axis without camera shadow
  • Suitable for flat objects, surface structures, print image controls


Dom SDL-10 MBJ Imaging
Funktionsgrafik einer Dombeleuchtung
  • Virtually shadow-free illumination from all angles
  • Optical compensation of height differences
  • Suitable for homogeneous illumination of uneven surfaces, reading and verification of two-dimensional patterns

Flex Serie - LED Beleuchtung in variabler Größe

Sie bestimmen die Größe Ihrer Beleuchtung, ganz nach den Anforderungen Ihres Projektes. Die Flex Serie bietet Balkenbeleuchtungen mit unterschiedlichen Lichtcharakteristiken, Hintergrundbeleuchtungen und Auflichtbeleuchtungen mit einer oder mehreren Öffnungen für die Kamera. Die Größe ist in Schritten von 100mm konfigurierbar.

Flexlight Top

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Illustration Flex Größen
  • Indirect, highly diffuse incident light
  • Variable length and width
  • Multiple camera openings in three size options

Flexlight Back

[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging Flex Backlight
Illustration of the sizes in a Flex illumination
  • Indirect, highly diffuse backlight
  • Width and length configurable in 100 mm increments
  • Maximum size 800 mm x 1000 mm

Flexlight Bar

[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging Flex Barlight
Folientypen Flex Balkenbleuchtung
  • Direct light emission with approx. 90°
  • Length configurable up to 1600 mm
  • Optional adjustment of the light characteristic

LED Lighting - High Power

For light-intensive applications or when the illumination can only be mounted at a greater distance from the test object. In these lights, high-power LEDs are used whose beam angle is focused to 20° via additional lenses. The High Power lightings are also supplied with the integrated LED controller (-s) with four operating modes in one controller, or completely without controller (-x).

High Power Wide Barlight

IP67 Breite Balken
Funktionsgrafik High Power Breite Balken
  • Direct beam light focused at 20°.
  • Extra high luminous efficacy
  • Suitable for light-intensive applications, larger distances, large objects

High Power Ringlight

High Power Ringlight
Funktionsgrafik High Power Ringlicht
  • Direct emitting, focused incident light
  • With camera opening
  • Suitable for round test objects, larger working distances, light-intensive test tasks

High Power Spotlight

Spotbeleuchtung Medium
Funktionsgrafik High Power Spotlight
  • Direct Light emission
  • Two beam angles narrow (13°) and wide (26°)
  • Suitable for limited space in the inspection system, larger working distances, smaller objects or detailed inspections, inspection within components