LED Controller with Rsense

The CTR LED controller are the perfect accessory for the control of LED lights  in flash and continuous mode.

There are two models as cap rail mounting version available. The CTR-50 using a switching regulator for a precise ajustment and control of the current. The CTR-51 is using a linear regulator and capacitors which allows shortest flash and rise times of the LED lights.

The advanced Rsense technology allows an automatic detection and save operation of all MBJ LED light modules.

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CTR-50 LED Controller

Model No.:00611.00
Output:     1 channel with LED+ und LED-
Mode:        steady light, 500µs flash light (70µs possible)
Current:   up to 2A steady and 3A flash
Input:        24..30 VDC

from 195 €

CTR-51 LED Controller

Model No.:00765.00
Output:     1 channel with LED+ und LED-
Mode:        flash light starting at 1µs pulse
Current:   up to 15A flash (20A via RS232)
Input:        24 VDC

from 295 €

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