LED Controller

NEW: The 4-channel controller CTR-52 allows the individual control of up to 4 LED lights. This controller is set via a Modbus interface and its own SDK, which is supplied free of charge.

The CTR-50 allows easy and precise setting of the current. The CTR-51 allows to realize shortest flash and response times in the µs range. The current and the operating mode or the flash time can be set via two rotary switches in the housing. Via the RS232 interface, the CTR-50 and CTR-51 can also be completely configured via a PC.

MBJ Imaging 3 Controller CTR-50, CTR-51, CTR-52
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MBJ Imaging Controller CTR-50

CTR-50 LED Controller

Output: 1 channel with LED(+), LED(-)
Modes: steady light, >500µs flash light
LED current: up to 4A steady
Input:   24..26 VDC
from 160 €
MBJ Imaging Controller CTR-51

CTR-51 LED Controller

Output: 1 channel with LED(+), LED(-)
Modes: flash light starting at 1µs pulse
LED current: up to 15A flash (20A via RS232)
Input:   24 VDC
from 190 €

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