• LED Lighting: Different types, sizes and LED colors with or without integrated controller for Machine Vision
  • External LED controllers: Large currents, extra fast flashing or up to 4 LED channels in one controller
  • Accessories: Optical filters, cables and holders
MBJ Imaging Produktübersicht
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LED Lighting - Standard



Suitable for inspection and measurement of object contours

open product



Diffuse toplight with camera lens hole for brightfield applications

open product

MBJ Imaging SRL Series Ringlights


Direct light emission with various diameters

open product

Balkenbeleuchtung MBJ Imaging


Bars with direct light emission for various usage

open product

MBJ Imaging Wide Bar Lighting

Wide Barlight

For larger objects and homogeneous illumination

open product

LED Flächenbeleuchtung


For illuminating large objects and/ or areas homogenously

open product

Horizontales Ringlicht

Horizontal Ringlight

Side fired ring shaped lighting for darkfield applications

open product



On axis illumination for detection of surface struktures on reflective objects

open product

Dom SDL-10 MBJ Imaging


For shadowless illumination to minimize structural effects

open product

Flex series - LED lighting in variable sizes

Flex Toplight

Flexlight Top
Flexible in size and camera holes

Width, length and camera openings of your choice

open product

MBJ Imaging Flex Backlight

Flexlight Back
Flexible sizes

Backlight illumination in the size of your choice

open product

MBJ Imaging Flex Bar Lights

Flexlight Bar
Vertasile design options

Length of your choice with a vertasile choice of light manipulation

open product

LED Lighting - High Power

High Power Ringlicht

High Power SRL-Series

Extra bright light with direct light emission and camera opening

open product

[Translate to english:] MBJ Imaging High Power Spotbeleuchtung

High Power SL-Serie

Put the light at an extra distance

open product

LED Controller

MBJ Imaging 3 Controller CTR-50, CTR-51, CTR-52

LED Controller

For flash and continuous light with external control

open product

LED Accessories


Connection cables for illuminations and cameras

Different lengths, plugs and for various camera types

open product

Folienthalter Barlight

Optical filters and matching filter holder

For easy optical manipulation of MBJ lights

open product


Mounts for LED illuminations and cameras

Matching holders for MBJ Lights and cameras

open product