New Product: SRL-10

Precise illumination is the key to efficient inspection systems.


With the new Ringlight SRL-10, objects under test can be illuminated in a space-saving and accurate way. The new ringlight from MBJ Imaging is also available as a high power version, if extra much light is required.
The ringlight SRL-10 has a luminous area diameter of Dinner=67 mm / Douter=101 mm, is slightly diffuse and has a lens opening of D=60 mm. The new ringlight ideally complements the MBJ Imaging portfolio with a new intermediate size with medium objective diameter and illuminated area.   

Ringlights are very versatile and easy to use. By illuminating from around the lens, harsh shadows are minimized.
In combination with the MBJ camera holders, compact inspection units can be built, which are also well suited for moving units, e.g. on a robot arm.

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