MBJ Solutions GmbH completes its Electroluminescence Product Portfolio

MBJ Solutions GmbH expands its product portfolio with two new electroluminescence inspection systems. Using electroluminescence inspection technology allows a fast production process feedback and decreases the production of defective solar modules. Electroluminescence technology makes defects - invisible for the human eye - clearly visible.

The SolarModule EL-quickline LEL and the SolarModule EL-inline SEL complete the product categories SolarModule EL-inline and SolarModule EL-quickline. From now on both products are available in long edge leading and short edge leading configuration. MBJ Solutions GmbH provides for both alternatives of module conveying systems high resolution inspection equipment and mid resolution inspection equipment and completes the product portfolio for the entire module production process.

Both inspection systems can be used at several stages in the module production process. The soldering process can be verified very easy by placing the inspection system right before the lamination process. Defective solar strings are identified and can be replaced. Inspecting the solar modules after lamination allows the evaluation of the lamination process, final inspection at the end of the production line avoids the shipment of solar modules with hidden defects.

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