lighting colors

What color should it be?

Our LED lights are available in 6 color options, tailored to your project!

MBJ Arealight

Can it ever be bright enough?

Our customers say "no." There is now even more light with the new Arealight series. The compact lights are available in an luminous area width of 90 mm and in three different lengths, providing sufficient light for large objects or entire areas.

Flexlight Top

More flexible than ever - Flexlight Top


The MBJ Flex series makes it easy to configure your lighting to suit your inspection task. In addition to scaling the size, LED-color, number and position of the camera opening, we now also offer three different hole diameters.

New products MBj Imaging

New sizes for even more precise illumination!


New to the range: The Wide Barlight WBL-0440, for extra large objects, and the Ringlight SRL-10 as a new intermediate size. For that extra bit of light, the Ringlight SRL-10 is also available as a high-power version.

This allows you to illuminate your projects even more precisely.

3 MBJ Imaging Ring lights

SRL - Ring lights

Standard ring lights in different sizes and colors. Ring lights can be used to build compact inspection units. The illumination around the lens minimizes harsh object shadows.

3 MBJ Imaging Controller

LED Controller

When the integrated controller (-s) of the MBJ illuminators reaches its limits, then our external controllers are the right choice. For currents up to 4A or fast flashing from 1µs.

New for the VISION: the 4-channel controller.

News from MBJ Imaging

CTR-52 - Allround talent

The CTR-52 is a real all-round talent with 4 individual channels. Current-controlled brightness levels can be set precisely, while the voltage control enables powerful flashing.

The 4 channels can be controlled independently or coupled, allowing even complex test tasks to be completed safely.

Arealights von MBJ Imaging


The large Arealights with direct light emission are suitable for illuminating larger objects uniformly and brightly.

They can be used individually or in combination, e.g. to prevent the formation of shadows. With a fixed luminous surface width of 90 mm, the area lights are available in different lengths and have a beam angle of approx.100°.
Via optical foils the light emission can be manipulated and adapted for your application. For further information please have a look at our accessories.


Flex series

LED lighting in variable sizes

You choose the size of your lighting according to the requirements of your project. The Flex series offers back lights, top lights with one or more openings for the camera and bar lights with various light characteristic options. The size is configurable in steps of 100 mm.

  • Flex Backlight: sizes selectable in 100 mm steps
  • Flex Toplight: number, position and size of camera openings selectable in addition to size
  • Flex Barlight: length and light characteristic selectable
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All housings made of ruggedized aluminum